Soho is your trusted information technology solution provider – serving Los Angeles, New York City, and Southern CA…and connecting the world.

Soho’s vast network of partners means you don’t need to deal with a long list of vendors. We can evaluate clients’ needs, advise on alternate vendors, purchase equipment on clients’ behalf, configure, install and maintain equipment.

We are authorized resellers and certified partners for most of the leading brands of computer hardware, and support MacIntosh®, Linux®/Unix® and Microsoft® Windows® operating environments.

Operating/Networking Systems



Microsoft Windows

Vendor-Certified Partners

Soho is certified to implement and support their products

Technology Partners

Soho is expert in the support and management of their equipment

All Vendors

Certified Partners listed, plus the following

Authorized Reseller

Soho is authorized by these vendors to resell their products

Procurement Partners

Soho can purchase products for our clients
from these vendors

Strategic Colocation Partners

Soho uses these partners to host datacenters that Soho manages on behalf of the client.

Let’s talk

Online Services

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