Onsite IT Service

Onsite IT Service

Soho is your trusted information technology solution provider – serving Los Angeles, New York City, and Southern CA…and connecting the world.

Soho has developed an IT service that solves a major operational problem for many companies:

  • Ensures reliable IT support for a broad variety of technical problems
  • Provides competent, accessible help desk support for employees
  • Resolves emergencies outside of business hours
  • Develops strategic IT initiatives
  • Supports home offices and remote locations
  • Operates proactively with IT solutions, rather than only in reactive or maintenance mode
  • Maintains a fixed IT support budget

Soho’s Onsite IT Service provides the best of both worlds – onsite support and highly trained technicians who understand your business environment and know your people.

With Onsite IT Service you never have to worry about the cost of hiring an IT technician. We provide an IT expert at your office for a predetermined period every day, typically six hours. Someone is always onsite who knows your business; no sick days, no vacation days, no benefits or overtime to pay – just expert IT services specifically for your company.

Soho IT technicians come with solid experience and certifications. Once assigned to your company, they are cross-trained and rotated with other Soho technicians who have other technical specialties, providing varying skill sets to your company for a single fee. This allows several technicians to become familiar with a client’s corporate culture and technology needs. In addition, urgent needs can be handled simultaneously – both in-house and remotely.

Soho Onsite IT Service clients receive many premier services, including regular maintenance of servers and networks, employee training on in-house software and hardware, and video and teleconferencing. We can also handle all of your hardware purchasing and financing needs.

Benefits include:

  • Regular schedule for onsite assistance each business day
  • Five-day-a-week and part-time options offered
  • Cross-training of multiple technicians to provide uninterrupted personal support
  • Onsite technicians rotated to provide expertise in all necessary technologies
  • Peak load support from additional onsite and remote technicians for emergency situations and large projects
  • Onsite help desk support to increase employee productivity
  • Fixed, predictable costs that stay within your budget every month
  • Home office environment and satellite facility set-up and support

Services offered:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response (exclusive for Soho Onsite IT Service clients)
  • All calls answered by a qualified technician
  • First response (telephone) within an hour
  • Onsite response (Southern California) within 24 hours (maximum), seven days a week
  • Support includes office, home office, and remote locations

MacIntosh to PC Integration

  • Document interchange, networking, printing

Email Services

  • Onsite help desks to handle employee email problems
  • Support for all major email applications
  • Email system failures quickly identified due to 24/7 monitoring


  • Secure, reliable system provided for client’s company
  • Integration services for all types of network topology and their associated equipment, vendors, and configurations

24/7 Remote Monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring of client’s system by Soho personnel who are familiar with network
  • Remote network support to provide high availability system with fast problem resolution
  • Eliminates high cost of emergency calls
  • 24/7/365 customer service and support

Voice Over IP telephony service (VoIP)

  • Management of relations with all vendors necessary for deploying and maintaining a VoIP system
  • VoIP phone calls from any phone at any company location
  • Reseller and authorized integrator of Fonality Systems
  • Virtual Phone System with digital receptionist
  • PBX system hosted by Soho


  • Environmental blueprint to customize a secure wireless LAN
  • Integration of Blackberry, iPhone, and other smartphone and mobile devices into client’s IT network
  • Interface on client’s behalf with communications carriers


  • Internet and LAN security
  • Virus protection
  • Anti-spam systems
  • External and intra-office data and data access protection

Assessment and Design

  • Create a blueprint of the client’s technology needs, vision, and goals
  • Monitor technology to keep clients ahead of the curve
  • Act as a sounding board and provide feedback to a client’s IT decisions

IT Planning

  • Review of current IT situation and planning for future projects
  • Budgets and timelines
  • Development of IT policies and procedures
  • Development of security and disaster recovery plans
  • Advise management of technology trends
  • Investigate technology issues


  • One-stop shop for all IT hardware needs
  • Order from our online store and ship to your location or Soho’s
  • Hardware is staged, configured, customized, installed and managed
  • Fast delivery at competitive prices
  • Financing available

Document Management

  • Track, report, and trend the results and/or effectiveness of business processes
  • Create and maintain secure Web-based applications, including document sharing and printing

Onsite Training

  • Onsite training of employees on software applications and hardware

Help Desk

  • Level 2 help desk support (client requests routed through central client coordinator)
  • All support phone calls answered directly by a trained Soho technician
  • Onsite personal assistance by Soho IT technician during regular contracted hours
  • Access to broad technical team for additional assistance
  • Service level objective: less than one hour telephone response; onsite support within 24 hours (maximum) within Southern California

Home Support/Satellite Office Support

  • Setup and maintenance of home and satellite offices
  • Integration between home/satellite offices and headquarters
  • Installation and maintenance of Virtual Private Network (VPN); provides secure communications to and among all remote locations
  • Complete services including security, backup, firewall, printing

Customized Business Applications

  • Develop custom business applications
  • eCommerce support and recommendations
  • Integration of radio-frequency identification (RFID) for inventory management


  • Analysis and planning of ecommerce project
  • Vendor evaluation and selection support
  • System implementation, training and maintenance

Web site and internet marketing

  • Custom designed Web sites including Flash® and video
  • Ongoing Web site maintenance
  • Search engine optimization for high rankings in search engines
  • Electronic newsletter design, content, and distribution on recurring basis

Video Conferencing/Collaboration

  • Creation of system for real-time presentations, interactive slide shows, chat, Q&A, and shared whiteboard
  • Reseller and authorized implementation services for high-function interactive whiteboards from Steelcase

Offsite managed data center

  • Management of client-owned computer equipment and data in a secure remote facility (colocation partners are Level 3, Megapath).
  • Unlimited bandwidth and load balancing
  • Secure real-time backup
  • Disaster recovery provisions

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