Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry

Soho is your trusted information technology solution provider – serving Los Angeles, New York City, and Southern CA…and connecting the world.

The entertainment industry is like no other – it is all about networking – and technology plays an integral part. To keep a competitive edge, entertainment companies need to stay ahead of the trends and “inside the loop” at all times. With Soho, our entertainment clients can be confident that their technology needs are supported and monitored 24/7, with problem identification, reporting, and resolution as our top priorities.

Networking within the entertainment industry includes integrating multiple devices at multiple locations. We understand that your home office needs to integrate with your main office, and that your Blackberry needs to “play nice” with your Mac. We also recognize that getting immediate help when you need it is one of your top priorities. So whether on location in Asia or stuck in traffic on the 405, we are the IT partner you can trust.

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