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CDO Consulting

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The CDO training and verification is designed to meet and stem the current threats in our current world environment. Another approach to keeping civilians safe from terror attacks, cyber attacks and active shooters is to remove them from a list of soft targets. A soft target, is a location, where an attack can occur with minimal to zero resistance, prior, during or after an attack. Which is why Schools tend to be such soft targets, just due to their nature.

CDO Training is designed to add resistance, by way of changing how the facility is physically managed, via CDO certified company executive. Adding choke points for entry, and security checks or card readers to limit access to facilities and buildings, where possible.

Designing procedures and protocols, based on CDO Templates to train staff how to have basic self defense intelligence on a daily basis. This includes cyber security, protection for malware, ransomware and system hijacking, and internal threats as well. CDO certified executives are cyber security experts, and can create a local network, segmented by rights and system access limitations, that further protect company and staff information from hackers and exploiters, externally and internally as well. Who should take the training: This certification is designed with levels of certifications, to be maintained through out your career. The certification can expire, be suspended or revoked entirely if requirements are not maintained.

The prior target for CDO certification are chief level executives, VPs and top level management. This is because the company wide policies that must be put in place, require a minimum level of authority, and to properly designed a security protocol that fits the organization and physical infrastructure the executive will need access to what may be considered confidential company information.

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