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Soho is your trusted information technology solution provider – serving Los Angeles, New York City, and Southern CA…and connecting the world.

Soho, established in 2002, provides information technology services to businesses throughout Southern California and NYC. Soho has a wide range of clients, with a specialty in the entertainment and legal industries.

The company was founded by A.J. Jolivette, who received his first computer training in the military, while serving as a U.S. Marine. After his honorable service and release from the military A.J. received a management degree in network and communications, then worked in IT and networking firms on the early infrastructure of the Internet.

A.J. has assembled a highly experienced team of technicians who collectively represent over 20 information technology disciplines.

In 2007, based on client demand, Soho developed an Onsite IT Service. Our experience was that a proactive IT service by technicians who are very familiar with the IT infrastructure and business objectives of a client could provide far superior service to a reactive, “call if it doesn’t work” approach. Our strong commitment to trust, reliability, and personalization, has led to long-term relationships with many of our clients.

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The entertainment industry is like no other – it is all about networking – and technology plays an integral part. To keep a competitive edge, entertainment companies need to stay ahead of the trends and “inside the loop” at all times.

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Law firms are pressure cookers, and that means you need Soho to handle your IT needs. As specialists in supporting entertainment law firms, Soho understands the special demands of your industry.

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The CDO training and verification is designed to meet and stem the current threats in our current world environment. Another approach to keeping civilians safe from terror attacks, cyber attacks and active shooters

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